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Chicken Mega Patty


100% succulent, moist, luscious chicken breast immaculately seasoned, curried and served within an extra large fried dumplin’ shell. Can you handle the whole thing?

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Jerk Chicken Coco Bread Sandwich


Lip licking, moist, boneless chicken fillets, marinated in a secret blend of authentic Jerk flavours including pimento, scotch bonnet and thyme for 24 hours before being grilled.
Served within a fluffy warm coco bread as a wholesome island style sandwich that will satisfy your every craving.

Mutton Mega Patty


Golden soft dough wrapped around a lip smacking, flavour packing melt-in-your-mouth curried mutton filling, smothered with a selection of tantalising herbs and spices, cooked until tender and oozing with flavour.. but can your stomach handle the whole thing?